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Metals to avoid

You may be allergic to Cobalt, and not Nickel?

Nickel and Cobalt are always found together, and are rarely separated due to cost. Cobalt is used as binding agent in metal alloys and is a naturally ocurring metal found in soil. People can have an allergy to cobalt and believe it to be nickel, or sometimes both. It is much more common to be a nickel causing the allergy though. The way to reveal this is by 'patch testing' at your doctors. Basically a technique whereby a small amount of an element are put onto the skin for a period of time to see if an allergic reaction occurs. All the symptoms and facts pertaining to nickel, it's treatment and avoidance, throughout this site are the same for cobalt.

IUDs can cause copper allergy

Besides cutaneous copper exposure, the human mucosa is exposed to copper from intrauterine contraceptive devices (IUDs) and dental restorative materials. Although humans are widely exposed to copper on. the skin, allergic contact dermatitis caused by copper. is only infrequently reported.