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About Nickelsafe

Nickelsafe is a British company originally established in London in 2010 by myself, Kevin Topley. Having suffered from nickel allergy since my early twenties, I found it increasingly frustrating and difficult to find a top quality nickel allergy free belt to alleviate my constant irritating stomach rash. Titanium, it seemed, was by far the best metal for allergy sufferers to wear. Surely someone must make such a belt for people like me?

If you cant find it....make it!

After long months of searching, my epiphany occurred - as I realized many other nickel allergy sufferers must be out there embarking on exactly the same fruitless search. Why not make the belts myself? And so the idea for Nickelsafe was born.

Nickel allergy information all in one place

To help my fellow sufferers I set about compiling all the information I could find on nickel allergy, and have included it here. Researched and compiled by Nickelsafe to help you better understand the causes, treatments and solutions for nickel allergy.