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About bridle leather

Picture taken in Spring 2018, of both black and brown straps under production.

The name refers to the original purpose and use of the leather which was for straps on a horse’s headpiece and reins. As a result, the product name is synonymous with; quality, value and durability. After all, it was originally intended to be attached to a horse so it had to be comfortable on the animal’s skin, while being strong and durable as the rider’s life depended on it not failing. The best English Bridle should be smooth to the touch and flexible to handle.

How is it produced?

English Bridle is produced from full grain leather. This process utilises only natural products, and we source only the best for our collection. The preparation process is manually intensive and is carried out by skilled professionals.

To begin with, the hides are inspected to identify any imperfections or excessive defects within the pieces. Once happy with the quality, a dye mix is created that is then applied to the skins either by spraying or by hand. Quality checking occurs after every stage of the process, including this one. Finally, the finished surface is hand greased with a blend of natural tallows and oils to provide the classic polished shine that customers adore.

Handcrafted straps

All our bridle leather straps are handcrafted in Scotland at our leather workshop, then sent to Berkhamsted where they are attached to our titanium buckles using hypo-allergenic rivets ready for sale.